10 Ways To Stop Being a Little Bitch

Bitchassness is a disease. It’s the voice in your head that tells you you can’t walk up and introduce yourself to a stranger because you might embarrass yourself. BITCH, IT’S GUARANTEE THAT YOU’RE GONG TO EMBARRASS YOURSELF. IN ALMOST EVERY CONVERSATION YOU HAVE, YOU FUCK UP A SENTENCE OR STUMBLE ON YOUR WORDS AT LEAST A LITTLE. HAS IT EVER KILLED YOU?! NO! SO GO UP TO THAT STRANGER AND SAY “HI”. THE WORSE THAT COULD HAPPEN IS NOT EVEN BAD AT ALL.

In what other situations does bitchassness rear its ugly little head? How about when you’re having a conversation with someone and that person just won’t let you talk, they have to get their whole point across (EVEN IF YOU ALREADY GET IT) and you’re not allowed to talk until they do because if you talk, you’re rude and interrupting them. And then, when they are finally finished with their long winded point, you get to respond for five seconds until that person’s bitchassness starts flaring and they interrupt you. That motor mouth with no regard for your side of the conversation has a strong case of bitchassness.

We all suffer from it, some worse than others, but as responsible human beings it is up to each individual to take it upon themselves and extinguish every ounce of bitchassness from their body, mind and spirit. Get ready to just be a better person all around because I’m going to tell you 10 ways to stop being a bitchass.

  1. HUMBLE YOURSELF – You better realize that YOUR OPINION IS NOT FACT. Bitchasses are too opinionated. Just because you read something off the internet or in a book, does not mean that it is true. I don’t care if it’s democrats versus republicans or round earthers versus flat earthers. It doesn’t matter what side you’re on, you’re being a bitchass if you can’t listen to the other side’s argument without insulting the other person or interrupting them before they finish their argument. Bitch, this isn’t Jerry Springer. Humble yourself and realize that you don’t have all the answers.
  2. TAKE ACTION – When someone tends to make promises and never keep them, that’s bitchassness. When they say they are going to do something but never get it done, that’s bitchassness. I KNOW you have a friend who says some shit like, “Oh, I’m gonna go travel across the world one day and make money taking photos of models.” or “Yea, I’m gonna quit smoking after this pack.” or “I wanted to start writing that book, but I’m too busy.” FUCK THAT! Stop saying you’re gonna do shit and DO SHIT, bitchass. Take action! The whole Law Of Attraction thing only works if you mix ACTION with those positive dreams you have up in your head. They never told you that part. You need the action part too, so while you’re SAYING and DREAMING you better also be DOING.
  3. WORK OUT – I’m not saying you have to work out every day for an hour or be a super star at the gym, but you should at least do some sort of physical exercise every day for at least 20 mins. If you’re telling yourself you can’t work out every day for at least 15 to 20 mins? Bitchassness. The bottom line is that a steady work out routine will help strengthen your body, mind and spirit. It will build your ability to mentally focus, it will make you physically stronger, and it will make you more confident. These are three guarantees, and it only takes twenty minutes a day with nothing but space to do jumping jack and push-ups, and a tiny bit of will power. Even just ten minutes a day will change many areas of your life in a much sooner time than you think.
  4. STOP MENTALLY BEATING YOURSELF UP – Bitchassness tends to make you think you are a shitty person. That’s why bitchasses are either very quiet or very loud. The quiet bitchasses tell themselves that they are not good enough, and so they withdraw themselves from social interaction. The loud bitchasses also tell themselves they are not good enough, and so they act loud and over confident to cover up the fact that they really feel shitty inside. What both sides of the bitchass pole need to know is that everyone is just as shitty and just as amazing as they are. Or rather, we’re all on this planet just trying to figure things out. Even though it might not seem like it, you have just as much potential as that rich guy driving the Lambo or that hot girl that is getting all the attention. YOU HAVE JUST AS MUCH POTENTIAL AS THEM. So relax. You don’t have to try so hard. And if you’re the quiet kind of bitchass, you can go ahead and try a little harder because what’s the worst that can happen? If you fail, it’s okay. Commit yourself to remembering to “Keep Calm and Carry On”. No one is any better or worse than you. We all have the same potential.
  5. IMPROVE YOUR LISTENING SKILLS – There’s a reason we have two ears and only one mouth, and that is because listening is the more important skill. The mouth isn’t even the primary source of communication, because body language is 75% of how we communicate. A mouth is basically for stuffing food into, but people love to run their mouths like professors of the universe, using words they don’t know the definitions of and quoting scholars incorrectly. Listen more to what people are saying instead of trying to fill the air with your voice. You can find out a lot more about someone if you listen to them rather than talk to (or over) them. Use your ears for the reason they were made; to gather information about your environment. This is what they were made for and using them right can help you survive and thrive. But no, instead of using their ears right, people like to use their mouths wrong and talk talk talk talk talk.
  6. REALIZE THAT NOTHING COMES FOR FREE – The sooner you realize that you have to earn a living the better. Even the richest people (unless they were born into it) had to work hard for a period of time before they were able to take it easy and let the money work for them. It’s one of those universal laws that you can’t really cheat. You have to give something in some form, to receive something. You have to provide a service to receive compensation. Even “lucky breaks” that seem like miracles are the result of some action or actions that a person took. If you’re looking to be successful in something, it’s NOT just going to happen one day. You have to be doing something in regard to achieving that success. You gotta work, bitch.
  7. TAKE MORE RESPONSIBILITY – Stand up and take responsibility for the controllable events that occur in your life. Plan to get to your job or an appointment 30mins before it is scheduled to begin. Keep your house or where you live clean. Do your homework and get that shit out of the way. Wash the dirty dishes in the sink even if you didn’t put them in there. Take the blame if your boss scolds you for something your co-worker did wrong (depending – don’t get fired for some bitchass). The more responsibility you take, the more control you take of your life. It’s not a thing to be afraid of. Responsibility should be welcomed into your life. You can tell how awesome and powerful a person is by how many things they are responsible for.
  8. MAKE FRIENDS WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT BITCHASSES – I know you’ve heard this one. “Your personality is the sum of your five closest friends, and if your friends are bitchasses, chances are you are one too.” This is the most important step in curing yourself of bitchassness, because the change will happen naturally and with essentially no effort on your part. This is the part that took me the longest to learn, because I have always been more introverted. I like to chill at home and play video games and go out for social reasons only once a week, if that. I still do, but I’ve also made more of an effort to talk to people that are living the life that I want to live, or that are trying to live like me. I still have some old friends that will always be my friends, but now I talk to people that blog and people that make videos and people that do online marketing, and it has increased my rate of success and personal development 100x faster in a year than I did when I was trying to learn things by myself while maintaining harmful relationships and practices. Again, I must say that THIS STEP AND THE NEXT ONE ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT STEPS.
  9. FIND A MENTOR – This last step and the one above are the most important. They are kind of the same, but finding a mentor is for the people that really want to succeed in a specific area in life. If you want to become a successful blogger or a successful swimmer, you better connect with a mentor in one of those fields. You better start communicating with a professional blogger or a competitive swimmer, because they have been there and have made all the mistakes that you are about to make. They can take to into their giant hands and lift you over all the silly things you would have done if you didn’t reach out to them. Mentors are guardian angels and it’s honestly a blessing when one decides to be your mentor. I wish I wasn’t so stubborn and looked for one sooner. I could’ve saved a lot of wasted time.
  10. SAVE AND SPEND YOUR MONEY WISELY – I have to add this last one in, because I’m currently feeling the pain of not saving my money. If you don’t save your money, you’re going to come to find that when you really need it, you’re gonna be screwed. Personally, there is this online course that I want to take so that I can learn from a successful mentor about how to make money with online marketing, but I wasn’t smart about saving my money, so now I’m broke and can’t afford to take the course. Save money because there WILL be something coming up in your future that you didn’t think about, and you will need money to take advantage of the opportunity. Basically, you want to have at least a grand saved for that “special thing” you aren’t aware of yet. You don’t know what that thing is yet, but trust me, when it shows up, you’re going to wish you had that grand saved.

That’s it; ten ways to stop being a bitchass. Read them well. Memorize them. Help stop the spread of ignorant people who think they are doctors, of blabber mouths that lower our IQs with each word they let irresponsibly roll out of their eating holes. Let’s defeat this disease by starting with vanquishing the bitchassness within ourselves, because once it leaves us, the people around us will be affected by our change, and they themselves will start to change and bitchassness will soon be a thing of the past.



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