I Had A Dream – Dream Journal – Part 1 – Martin Garrix & Avicii

I had a dream. I forget what happened before this part… I think I was at some party and my uncle was trying to get me drunk or something…

When we were young.

Anyways, I end up in this hotel side office or room, and I’m chilling with Martin Garrix and Avicii. We’re just in there hanging out after a long day.

In da studio!!

Avicii is messing around on his laptop… he plays a song that inspires him with ideas for the next track he plans to make.

A night out on the town x_X!!

Martin is sitting on the floor in front of me and a bit too the left. He seems kind of tired and sweated out.

Our gangsta rap portrait #staysavage

Avicii pulls up a picture of Martin on my phone and lines it up so that if he was going to take a picture of us there would be two Martins in it.

Industry nights are always wild! LOL!!!

Martin doesn’t want him to take the picture anyway, because he feels like he looks too beat up. We laugh about it.

Not really in this pic, but you can see me in the back if you look hard =D LOL!!

Then a woman comes into the room and asks me to fill out some paper work.

Best buds!! LOL!!!

The End.


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