The Best Playlist EVER – Part 1 – We Cry Diamonds “I Like It”

I discovered this song the same way I have discovered many of my favorite songs in the past…. from a video game. While playing The Crew, this song is the only one that really stood out and gave me that “I’m NOT losing this mutha fuckin’ race!!!” feeling.

It’s just got that classic rock feel, accompanied with a wicked catchy melody, a driving rhythm guitar and strong thoughtful lyrics. Plus, it’s got that – this song is so short I have to play it five times to get my fix – thing going on.

We Cry Diamonds is a three piece band consisting of Jess Penner (vocals / guitars), Kevin Penner (drums), and Daniel Roberts (bass). They’ve been rocking hard since 2011 and I look forward to delving into their playlist.

If you like Metric or The Ting Tings, you’ll definitely love this song. I’m honored to have them be the first song I add to the BEST PLAYLIST EVER!