Youtube Fallout 4 Gameplay – Let’s Play – Part 5 – The Silver (Confused AF) Shroud


More of the best Fallout 4 playing you’ve EVER seen! BOOYAA!

Check out the whole series hyah — FaLlout4 Let’s Play SerieS


The Best Playlist EVER – Part 1 – We Cry Diamonds “I Like It”

I discovered this song the same way I have discovered many of my favorite songs in the past…. from a video game. While playing The Crew, this song is the only one that really stood out and gave me that “I’m NOT losing this mutha fuckin’ race!!!” feeling.

It’s just got that classic rock feel, accompanied with a wicked catchy melody, a driving rhythm guitar and strong thoughtful lyrics. Plus, it’s got that – this song is so short I have to play it five times to get my fix – thing going on.

We Cry Diamonds is a three piece band consisting of Jess Penner (vocals / guitars), Kevin Penner (drums), and Daniel Roberts (bass). They’ve been rocking hard since 2011 and I look forward to delving into their playlist.

If you like Metric or The Ting Tings, you’ll definitely love this song. I’m honored to have them be the first song I add to the BEST PLAYLIST EVER!

The Most Beautiful Girls In The World… To Me: Jessica Beppler (NSFW)

These types of posts are going to be easy. They’re basically “admiration” posts for the women on this planet whom I think, are as close to physically perfect as a woman can get. That’s it. So, if you like appreciate beautiful women sit back and scroll to your heart’s content.

The first breath-taking heart flutterer that I am featuring is Jessica Beppler. She’s from Brazil and that’s basically all I know. Enjoy her beauty. Her social links will be at the bottom of the post.

Personal Favorite Things About Beauty: skin tone, tattoos, general style, body freckles

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10 Ways To Stop Being a Little Bitch

Bitchassness is a disease. It’s the voice in your head that tells you you can’t walk up and introduce yourself to a stranger because you might embarrass yourself. BITCH, IT’S GUARANTEE THAT YOU’RE GONG TO EMBARRASS YOURSELF. IN ALMOST EVERY CONVERSATION YOU HAVE, YOU FUCK UP A SENTENCE OR STUMBLE ON YOUR WORDS AT LEAST A LITTLE. HAS IT EVER KILLED YOU?! NO! SO GO UP TO THAT STRANGER AND SAY “HI”. THE WORSE THAT COULD HAPPEN IS NOT EVEN BAD AT ALL. Continue reading

Youtube Fallout 4 Gameplay – Let’s Play – Part 1 – Starting In The Middle


I started an extremely ghetto Fall Out 4 Let’s Play series on my Youtube channel, because I’ve always wanted to start a channel with gaming on it, but I can’t afford all of the tech needed for a legit one right now.  This will do fine for now. It’s all for fun anyway, and it makes me feel productive while I play video games. It’s gonna be updated everyday with this game and others so, check back erryday!